Booking for Couples

For couples looking to create bespoke stationery and signage for their wedding day.
Investment starts at $1,700 CAD.

Let’s talk paper and print!

Thank you for considering us for your custom stationery design! We are excited to work with you to create the perfect bespoke stationery for your unique event.

Palm & Lotus has opened consultation slots for 2024 weddings. Please note that we have also recently updated our intake procedures. Please contact us early to ensure your preferred appointment slot and event date.

The average Palm & Lotus custom design couple invests between $1,700 and $3,500 CAD for invitations and between $950 and $3,500 CAD for custom day-of stationery (signage, menus, etc.).

Our online collection provides high-quality stationery design at a lower price point.


Our clients begin the process with the completion of a 15-minute, complimentary discovery call. Since custom stationery is not within every couple’s budget or timeline, in this call we will explore your budget, your vision, and your timeline to see how our services can meet your unique needs. Choose either the invitation or day-of stationery appointment, depending on which you will be starting on with us!


If our design services can be tailored to meet your needs, we will schedule a one-hour consultation either in person or on video chat, to work out the specifics of the stationery you require. Based on the information gathered at this consultation, you will be provided with a quote for stationery items that we discussed.



Day-Of stationery & Signage

Booking for Planners

For planners booking on behalf of their wedding or event clients.
Investment starts at $1,700 CAD.

Let’s talk paper and print!

Are you a wedding or event planner who is looking to work with us to make beautiful custom stationery for your clients? We are so excited to work with you!

We limit the number of 2024 /2025 events that we are able to accommodate. Since we operate on a first-booked, first-served basis, booking early maximizes your client’s opportunity to get their preferred date. Please ensure that you allow enough time to get things done right for your event.

We have procedures that are required for all planners to follow when booking a consultation or an order on behalf of their clients. We do not take consultation and quote requests through Instagram/Facebook direct messages, text, phone calls or email. Please follow the steps outlined in the tabs below to contact us for booking or availability requests.


Ensure that you have allocated enough time.
: Min. 6 months prior
DAY-OF STATIONERY: Min. 2 months prior


Schedule the consultation on behalf of your client by selecting one of the planner options on our services list.


Once you receive the quote, ensure that the order gets booked. We will not start designing without:

• the down payment
• signed contract
• text information required


Planners understand and agree that they are responsible for ensuring that client-provided information is submitted by the established deadlines.

Missed deadlines will result in delayed in-hand dates.



Day-Of stationery & Signage

Corporate stationery & Signage

Styled Shoot

Booking Rentals

For couples or planners looking to rent from our rental catalogue

Need Rentals?

We have curated a catalogue of rental items for those looking to avoid buying stationery and signage items for their event.

To ensure you get your preferred items and dates please follow the steps below.


Use our online system to reserve the requested items.


Wait for the order estimate email from Palm & Lotus. This email estimate will include:
• the list of available items
• payment options for the rental cost + a 25% deposit
• a rental contract to sign


Pick up all items on specified date, or choose a delivery option for an additional fee.


Return all items—including all packaging—undamaged by specified date and time, or choose a delivery option for an additional fee.


Receive the 25% deposit return if all items were returned on time and undamaged.

The cost of any damages or late fees will be deducted from this  deposit.

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stationery 101

let’s talk print!

stationery 101

For event professionals!

We understand that when couples start on their wedding planning journey, for many, it will be the first time in their life that they are presented with stationery and printing choices. With the abundance of “cheap” print options available, it’s hard for couples to not only accurately price out the cost of custom or more luxury stationery, but to also understand what is available in their area.

We want to give planners and other event vendors the tools to help guide their client’s stationery budgets and other requirements at the beginning of the planning timeline. That way, when it’s time to get invitations/day-of stationery started, there are few surprises, and fewer squashed dreams and expectations.

This course provides the base knowledge of paper and printing methods that will impact the client’s budget, timelines and, ultimately, their dream stationery design.

We will be holding our next in person Stationery 101—for event professionals course Saturday, January 13, 2024 starting at 1:30PM.

The Following week, we will be holding an online event for those not able to participate in person. Saturday, January 20, 2024 starting at 11:30AM.

This is an approximately 4-hour course that is broken into 7 modules.

1. Paper and other media
2. Printing methods
3. Invitations and day-of stationery
4. Budgets and timelines
5. The Palm & Lotus Process
6. 2024 design trends
7. FAQ’s time

The cost to attend is $25 CAD in person / $10 CAD online.
(online participants will not receive samples)


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