We work with some pretty amazing clients!

This past summer we were approached by the Stollery Hospital Foundation to design the invitation for their 2018 Snowflake Gala. We were absolutely honoured to work with them on this design.

A little about the Stollery Hospital Foundation. The Stollery is a children’s hospital here in Edmonton. They are known worldwide for their state of the art facilities and the amazing care that they give their patients. Beyond the immediate medical care that they provide, the foundation also provides support for the families of the children who find themselves in the ER. Hospitals can be stressful places at the best of times, and when their child is admitted, parents often feel overwhelmed.

The foundation provides support for parents with things like hot breakfasts for patients and their parents, blankets and other supplies for those that need to stay overnight with their child, toys for calming children, and the list goes on.

The Event

To fundraise for these programs, the Stollery Hospital Foundation hosts a yearly Christmas event called the Snowflake Gala. This is where we come in! The gala’s theme will not be seen ahead of time, so they approached us to do this year’s invitation, with hopes of creating something with a sense of “surprise”.

We designed this look to act like a package that you need to unwrap. The custom die-cut snowflake petal has a subtle foil design on it, giving a look similar to snowdrifts. When opened, the brilliant white of the snowflake is starkly contrasted with the deep watercolour blue, which represents the winter sky at night. The inside booklet is then opened to reveal the event and some subtle clues as to the night’s theme!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing organization and look forward to what is in store for this special event!

To view the website for the Snowflake Gala, and to purchase tickets, please visit them {here}.