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Custom Digital Design, Branding Design, Website Design or Print work

Design of your order cannot and will not proceed until the the quote for the order/project has been approved, the invoice/retainer paid, the contract agreement signed, and the required content, including but not limited to text, imagery, logos, etc. has been provided, in the correct formats, in full to Palm & Lotus Inc.

Clients will be provided the number of revision opportunities within the signed contract provided to them at the onset of the project, and any addtional work outside of the scope of the initial agrement will be quoted and invoiced separately with the need of approval prior to the new scope of work being added.

Custom Digital Design, Branding Design, Website Design or Print Design Fees and Expenses

Additional work outside of the established scope will require an additional approved invoice, and  may be billed at Palm & Lotus’ hourly charge of $120 CAD or by the project.

Any “emergency” work required outside of Palm & Lotus’ normal hours may be charged at double the hourly rate.

The client also understands that any increases to the scope of work will also impact the turnaround time required for the project, and Palm & Lotus Inc. will not be held responsible for changed delivery dates due to a change in scope or project requirements.

Collection Design work

Design work cannot proceed until the the quote for the collection designs has been approved, the invoice paid, the contract agreement signed, and the required design choices and wording has been provided, in full to Palm & Lotus Inc.

A digital proof of the couple’s design changes will be sent to the provided email address within 3-10business days of the order being placed.

Please allow a minimum 5 business days for the artwork approval process and 3-8 weeks after approval for your order to arrive in hand, depending on the number of pieces and the printing method chosen.

The client agrees that it is their responsibility to provide all the correct information to Palm & Lotus Inc., and any incorrect information provided and not corrected in subsequent proofs is the responsibility of the client.

Collection Design Fees and expenses

The fee paid upon purchasing each design from the collection includes 2 complimentary proofs for customizable elements.

Any major changes or additional proofs will incur additional design costs of $12o/hour billed in 30-minute increments.

Customizable elements are categorized as follows:

  • Name and Personal Text
  • Ink Colour
  • Paper Colour (if chosen from our paper options)
  • Envelope Colour (if chosen from our paper options)
  • Printing Method (digital print, foiling, letterpress as listed in the order)

Non-customizable elements add additional costs, are categorized as follows:

text font changes.
custom colour choices.
adding, repositioning and/or removing design elements.

Fees for printed proofs or purchase rush printing will be supplied to the client in a new invoice and must be paid before the services are rendered.

Order cancellations and Refunds

Any Custom Design Work

The client agrees that once artwork has been approved and sent to production/live, no cancellations or refunds will be made.

The client agrees that in the event that the order is delayed or does not meet the required “in-hand date” as a result of:

  • the client not booking the orderwithin the required time frame
  • the client not providing written approval on any changes/revisions within the required time frame

Palm & Lotus Inc. will not be held responsible.

The client agrees that once the final artwork has been approved and sent to production, any errors in text, dates, names, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork not marked on the approved proof are the responsibility of the client and are not eligible for a refund.

The client also agrees that in this case Palm & Lotus Inc. is not obligated to produce the corrected artwork at any discount or shortened production time.

Any Non-Custom Design Products

Any physical produts, be it paper, envelopes, etc. that do not have any customization or were not a custom purchase (purchased at the standard size, shape, colour etc. listed on our website) may be elegable for an exchange or refund based on:

  • the order was received by the client within the past 10 calendar days
  • the product will be returned, undamaged, unused, and in its full ordered quantity
  • the refund or exchange will not be issued until the product has been received by our warehouse.

In the case of a refund/exchange, please email us at to innitiate a request. If the order or product is elegible for either a refund/exchange, we will provide you with a shipping label for the return of the product. Please ensure that the items are re-packed securely to ensure no damage is sustained from shipping.

Once the order has been received by our warehouse in good condition, we will refund the order within 3 business days.

Confidential information

Palm & Lotus Inc. acknowledges that it will not, during the term of this agreement, or any time after, disclose or grant access to the client’s confidential information to any third party, nor shall it use such information for any purposes other than those authorized by the client.

Ownership of intellectual property

All content created by Palm & Lotus Inc. with the exception of elements of text, names, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided by the client, remains the property of Palm & Lotus Inc..

Palm & Lotus Inc. grants the client permission to display the work, in full or part, online or in print, providing credit is given to the designer, where possible. The client agrees that they will not use any work produced for resale purposes.

Copyright and ownership

The client guarantees to Palm & Lotus. that any elements of text, names, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or any other artwork that the client provides for inclusion in the requested design are either owned by the client, or that the client has been granted written permission to use them.

Governing law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the province of Alberta and any disputes arising from it shall be decided by an Alberta court.

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