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We often get asked if people can “pick our brain” for ideas on all sorts of designy topics

And we love being asked, but we have to balance that time with existing, paid projects. So, to empower clients to tap into our many years of expertise, we’re introducing a streamlined process for inquiries seeking to ‘pick our brains.’

By filling out the dedicated form below (choose branding and web or wedding), we will take what is asked and share our insights on our social channels, blog posts, or FAQ page. This will ensure that you get your questions answered, and we can focus on delivering exceptional results on our existing projects!

Share anonymously on social media?

By submitting this form, you understand that we may use your question on social media, blogs or other parts of our business. We will honour your wish for anonymity, if requested, however, any details contained in your question may be discussed, and we are not responsible for any fallout, be it legally, financially or reputationally by what materials are discussed.

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