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“Hello, my name is Anika, and I am a stationer”

This introduction usually gets a response of a couple of blinks, a polite nod, but followed by almost an inevitable, “Stationer? What’s that?”

A stationer is a print designer who creates business cards, promotional brochures, envelopes and letterhead for the office setting, and/or printed products for weddings and special events. Here in the studio, we work with both corporate and events, so we get the best of both worlds.

Stationery (NOT to be confused with “stationary”. Remember “e” for envelopes!) is still wildly used around the world, so don’t say that print is dead! There are so many printing techniques that are available to us, and our goal here at Wedding Design by Anika is to make our couples love print as much as we do!

Here in our studio, print is king. Almost every item that we design gets printed somehow. That being said, we cannot throw out the digital aspect of design. With wedding websites becoming more popular with couples, the use of social media for displaying imagery of our sets and the need for web ads, there is still some digital work to be done.


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So, what exactly does Wedding Design by Anika do for our couples?

Just as there are many sub-specialties of doctors (general, anesthesiology, cardiology, etc.) there are sub-specialties in the stationery world. Some primarily work with business, others are amazing watercolourists, some are calligraphy masterminds, and others are gurus with the printing process.

At this time, our studio does not do custom watercolour or hand calligraphy (we’re working on learning both, tho!). We do work with some amazing individuals who we bring on board when this is the look the couples are going for. We excel at using font and design assets to create custom stationery that is unique to each couple and truly tells their story.

So, yes, we can still get that watercolour and script look for you!

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the different processes we have for each part of the design journey. Follow along and learn a bit about what goes on behind the scenes!