So, 2020 is soon to be upon us, and those of us in the industry know that the time between Christmas and Valentine’s day means a new crew of engaged couples will be eagerly planning their summer weddings. When couples come to us, many have already discussed details and such with one of Edmonton’s fantastic planners. This means things like quantities, budgets, desired aesthetics and colours have already been laid out and chosen.

But we also have a crew of couples who would like to start on their invitations and stationery early and don’t have these ideas nailed down quite yet.

Whichever camp couples find themself in, or even if you are in the wedding industry (Planners, florists, cake designers etc.) and are looking for some inspiration, we want to use December to chat about some wedding colour trends that we think are going to be popular this next year.

A little earlier in 2019, we put out a 2020 Wedding Color Projection report. (You can still download your copy HERE) Inside that report are some swatch examples, and ideas how to use colour to influence your stationery design.

Here in Edmonton, as vendors, we find that with buy and sells becoming popular, the same colour schemes tend to stick around for a few years. In the case of blush pink, this is more like the decade of blush. We love it when clients come into their consultation with something fresh and exciting. And so, we have collected colour projections and trends from magazines, wedding conferences and other reputable sources, and added our own spin to them!

With 2020, we see the wedding trends break down into 3 categories.

1) Neutrals
Now, when we talk neutrals, we don’t mean pastels.

We foresee:
couples mixing shades of whites, creams, beiges and taupes in order to get a beautiful layering effect.

By keeping their scheme neutral, couples can create a look of sophistication and luxury on almost any budget. It’s also quite forgiving a palette, as matching whites exactly almost requires a PhD! Add some soft candles, a touch of gold, and you have a stunning look straight out of the pages of a wedding magazine!

2) Deep and moody earth tones
There is something magical that can happen when you go to the dark side, and we think that many couples are going to head that way this year.

We foresee:
lots of use of deep jewel tones—blues, greens, reds, oranges, purples and even deep pinks. Of course, there are always the classic darks: deep greys and black.

Couples will either play it safe by picking one or two of these tones and grounding it with a neutral like a white or cream, or they will go full out and ensure everything visible oozes this rich vibe. This look will pair stunningly with a metallic accent of either antique gold or silver, so keep this in mind if you want to add a pop with wax seals! In addition, we look forward to seeing a lot of white ink text on dark paper.

Luxury stationery at its finest!

3) Bold and bright
You may think that we are crazy, but the 90’s are truly coming back in style!

We foresee:
Couples using this trend to introduce bright and fun neons and other bold colours.

Now, if you aren’t up for your guests to require sunglasses to read your neon invitation, try some cheerful yellows and blues, or a hint of the tropics. You can also add some greens and oranges to the mix! Too much? Pair one or two of these colours with a grounding colour (you can go white or black/grey here) and just see how vibrant they can be!

If, however, neon IS your jam! With the introduction of Neon inks, this is very much a possibility!

Whichever colour direction you go, make sure you talk to your stationer about the limitations of papers, printing methods and textures available in your area.