Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Debra DeBernardo and I am an award-winning cake designer and the owner of LauraBella Custom Cakery in Stony Plain, Alberta. As many cake designers, I started out making cakes for my young children. I started taking classes and instruction from master sugar artists and chefs. Before I knew it – I had a cake studio built in my backyard and was designing and decorating cakes full time.


What makes you unique in your field?

A LauraBella cake stands out because it is the only cake in the greater Edmonton area that has Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut™ chocolate in every bite. I design, bake and create every beautiful wedding cake myself. This enables me to concentrate on quality and detail in a nut-free environment. After spending at least an hour at our consultation and tasting, I learn a little bit about each couple. I take a picture of each of the couples who meet with me and remember our time together. This inspires me when I am putting the cake together.

Why do you love what you do?

I have the best job ever! Cakes are always a happy thing – especially wedding cakes! All the excitement in designing the cake and then the anticipation of the reveal at the reception is so rewarding. I also have the luxury of doing what I do from my own backyard!

What is one main thing that you wish couples knew about what you do?

The amount of time that is put into every sugar flower, every fondant caricature, every piece of cake lace. I ask my couples to define “I want a simple cake”. This means something different to each couple. The cake they are dreaming of has 3 tiers of piping or many sugar flowers cascading down the cake. These types of elements take hours to do. But to the couple, it is a simple cake.



What is your favourite restaurant in Edmonton?

I have to say that we don’t get into Edmonton much to dine. We tend to support local and with restaurants like The Sawmill and Sorrentinos right here in Stony Plain, why travel into the city? Although, my husband does like a good Keg steak for our Anniversary!

What is your favourite Edmonton festival?

I have always enjoyed Heritage Days. I love tasting all the different ethnic yummies! We haven’t gone in many years as that is a busy weekend for businesses in the wedding industry.

What countries have you visited, and was the most memorable experience?

I’ve been to a few islands in Cuba as we’ve been there three times and got married there, a few different places in Mexico, Costa Rica, Punta Caña, a few of the Caribbean islands and through Ukraine. I would have to say the most memorable would be our wedding in Varadero. However, I found the people in Costa Rica the most beautiful individuals I have ever met. They are so welcoming and generous.

If you want to see more of Debra and her amazing cakes, head over to her website!