We have known Rhiannon from Rhiannon Sarah Photography Studios for a couple of years now, and absolutely adore her!

We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. Read below :)



Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Rhiannon, an energetic, enthusiastic, multi-passionate person. I am definition extroverted, who’s brain never slows down with ideas, My motto in life is to keep things weird, life is too short to be normal all the time. On paper, I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer based here in Edmonton and I’m a certified personal trainer.


What makes you unique in your field?

I take a lot of pride in stating that I do not follow trends with my work, I want your images to last a lifetime. And, I firmly believe that they do! My photography style is sharp, colourful, intimate and twists of fun all over. I create beautiful images for my clients in the rain, snow, or dark. If it’s high noon on a hot August day for an outdoor nuptial, or an industrial glam wedding where they want to dance all night. I am there with the skills to bring their stories to life!



Why do you love what you do?

I love people and I love documenting peoples lives, I’m hired for the big moments. Weddings, engagements, family photos, a new headshot for a new job. But I love the in-between moments, the things you didn’t even notice that I saw out of corner of my eye.Those raw, candid moments that everyone else loves. A kiss on the brides forehead from her mother as she helps her get ready to put her dress on. Your grandpa helping your grandmother wipe away a tear during the wedding ceremony. The best friend that flew across the country to surprise the groom, or letting someone finally see their ‘flaws’ as unique to them and beautiful in a headshot session. I LIVE for those moments, my photography assistant can attest to that, I’m always grinning ear to ear behind the camera!


What is one main thing that you wish couples knew about what you do?

My dedication to bring out the beauty whenever I pick up my camera is something that drives me to be better each and every time. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills to see a different angle than most. I care so deeply for my clients I see them as more than just that. I see them as instant friends! I want to laugh, cry and share embarrassing moments side by side. I love to bring memories to life so that they can remember them for years to come. It is of the utmost importance to me that they trust me in documenting them.



What is your favourite restaurant in Edmonton?

Oh boy! That’s a hard pick as my fiancee Jonathan and I love food, it’s always changing we love trying new restaurants. But a favourite is probably Pip or Corso32 (see I still couldn’t pick). Because authentic Italian… yum!


What is your favourite Edmonton festival?

We really enjoy the fringe festival. It’s nice to get outside, walk around and enjoy the street performers. Sometimes we indulge in a treat from one of the food vendors carts and we’ll always check out a few plays when we can.



What would you recommend to couples as being the best date night in Edmonton?

There’s so many good things to do as a date night, we love to mix it up all the time! Like I mentioned we love to food! Try a new restaurant and order a tasting menu, throw a few cocktails in there and hit up the river valley for a walk afterwards. That is high on our list. Another is trying to make new food at home, ever tried making pasta? We’re still trying to master it, we figure worst comes to worst we’ll say screw it and order a pizza! Speaking of pizza, you can buy ready-made pizza dough from the Italian centre. That’s another go-to date night, homemade pizza night, share a bottle of wine and watch a movie. I’ve got date idea’s coming out the wa-zoo here!


What countries have you visited, and was the most memorable experience?

I was born in Wales, so I’ve been back there a handful of times. I’ve visited Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, the United States, Costa Rica, and Mexico many times. But the most memorable may another tie (apparently I’m not good at just picking one thing) France was one of them, I was only 17 years old at the time. I went with my siblings, mother, and grandfather. We spent three weeks travelling around, the vineyards, Paris, Vimy Ridge, Versailles, I loved it all. So many great memories made with my family while there. Another truly memorable experience was Puerto Vallarta with Jonathan, we took a cooking class, went hiking, relaxed by the pool, made some new friends, and danced! We miss it so much and can’t wait to do it all over again!