Accessories are the items that truly help make an invitation stationery set or your day-of stationery sparkle.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love the paper side of things more than we can say (or shout from the rooftops). However, accessories help to make each design truly unique by adding pops of colour, texture or another visual element to identify your event.

There are many options for accessories, and we remind our couples that each item you add to your stationery set will increase the total cost, either by design time or production/labour cost, or a combination of both.

That being stated, we want to give an overview of what kinds of accessories are out there. We will go into detail on some of the items that are currently getting the most positive attention in the next few weeks’ worth of blogs.

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Paper accessories:

When we are looking at your invitation stationery, we consider an accessory to be anything that is not the flat invitation or base envelope. In our world, an RSVP card is considered an accessory because it is no longer considered a “standard” part of the invitation package for all couples.

In addition to the RSVP cards, detail, accommodation and map cards can be added on to your package.

Other forms of paper accessories can be things like pockets, or matting (the sparkle or coloured layer adhered to the back of the invitation for more colour/texture pop), vellum wraps, envelope liners, monograms, tags, or even belly bands printed with a custom mark.


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Non-paper accessories:

This category of accessories applies to both the invitation stationery as well as the day-of stationery. Wax seals, ribbons, twine, jewels, feathers, florals and the list goes on!

Here at the studio, we are able to take care of a great range of these items for our couples. We work with each couple to identify the needs and wants for their dream stationery, and then put together a design that fits that vision.

Next week we will be discussing one of the most popular accessories for this year: Wax seals! Tune in then 🙂

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