Who doesn’t like the look of wax seals?

Honestly, who?

They are nothing but drippy designs of awesome, and it seems like couples are loving them as much as we do!

So, what’s the scoop on how you can get them for yourself?


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Before you shoot us an email asking for allll of the wax seals for your stationery, (and you know you wanna!) here are a few things to consider first:

Stamp or seal

we offer clients the option of purchasing a stamp for them to hand pour and stamp the seals, or the option to get pre-made seals.

If you want to do the stamping on your own, we can provide you with wax sticks or beads so you can do the magic yourself.

If you believe that “ain’t nobody got time for that”, we can offer you some pe-made seals that you literally just peel and stick.

insider tip: if purchasing the pre-made seals, be advised that they may not go through certain mailing systems.


With so many colour options to choose from, finding something that matches your event—from traditional red or gold all the way to whites and even vellum—is not a hard thing to do. We can even get custom colours made, if you want it to be juuuuust right.


Wax seals can come in different sizes, and each has a perfect place to shine. 1” works well on envelopes, where a 0.75” may work better for menus or other cards where more space is needed for the text.

The most common sizes are 0.5”, 0.75”, 1”, 1.25” and 1.5”

insider tip: costs per seal and stamp will differentiate between sizes


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No, we don’t mean the design on them quite yet. Wax seal stamp can come in 3 different shapes—circle, oval and square. Each has its own set of charms.

insider tip: costs per seal and stamp will differentiate between shapes


as with most items in our stationery world, quantity is one part of the “print trifecta”. Meaning, the fewer you get, the higher the cost per item. So, if you want only 50 stamps, be prepared for a charge starting at $2.00 CAD per completed seal.

insider tip: our minimum order for pre-made seals is 50


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We offer our pre-made wax seals with 2 different edge finishing. Modern (perfect circle) or organic (blobby). Choose wisely!


It’s up to you whether you want something that showcases your monogram or something more generic. The biggest thing to remember is that the more detail there is on the design, the less detail you will actually see. Fine lines start to blob together, so we love to go with the KISS method on this one — Keep It Simple, Silly!

So, we hope that gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect when you want some wax seals for your invitations! Make sure that you give us a shout to add them to your order!