We love to create day-of stationery, and the favourite piece around here is the classic plate menu.
Whether big or small, menus are such a fun way of adding a touch of glam to your place settings!

Menus—more than just pretty!

Besides their good looks, there are a few reasons why you should consider adding menus to your “day-of stationery must” list.

1. First of all, they allow your guests to know the main ingredients in their meal choice. This can be especially useful for guests who have dietary needs.

2. They are helpful at multicultural events, when some dishes may require clarification for guests who are not familiar with them.

3. They help set the mood for the table design, and

4. Are, in addition to any wedding favours, a wonderful take home item for your guests to remember your special day.

The possibilities are endless for the custom designing of your menus. They can be created to match your existing invitation stationery, and can be printed a wide variety of media including paper, metal and even clear/frosted acrylic (yes, really!!). In addition, they can also be designed to be custom shaped if you prefer something a bit more dynamic than a standard rectangle.


Helpful hints

•  It’s important to remember that menus, like all custom stationery, are priced based on the materials used, the printing method, the complexity of shape, the design time required, the quantity and the size.

•  To ensure legibility, it’s best to choose a serif {?} or a san-serif for the main text.

•  Measure your dinnerware ensure your menus will fit.

•  Order a few extra pieces. Backup copies are always good to keep on hand, should you have to accommodate an extra guest, or if you would like to have a couple to keep.

•  Remember that your bridal party would like menus too! It is fairly common for the head table to be missed in the day-of stationery head count.

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