Over the last few years, a concept used a great deal in the corporate event world has started to gather traction in the wedding world.

This is the concept of Event Branding.

What exactly is event branding? To understand this concept better, let’s break down what branding is.

Marketing and communication gurus understand that branding is more than a logo. It is how a business/company communicates with its clients and in return, how their business is seen by their existing and prospective clients. This means that everything forward-facing plays a role in the success of a brand. This includes things like:

  • Style of visual design
  • Type of imagery used in communication
  • Tone of voice in communication (fun, serious, professional, playful)
  • Promotional material and advertising design
  • Social media and web presence
  • Customer support
    • Product and business reliability

And so much more!




Let’s take a hypothetical look at a coffee shop business from a customer’s perspective. The shop’s logo has a rustic look to it, their website promotes an eco-friendly approach, their social media page shows roasts that are ethically sourced and images of happy customers drinking out of mugs of coffee instead of plastic cups. If you decide to try out their coffee you would be led to believe that when you walked in, that you would have a fun, eco-friendly experience.

If you walked in and your experience confirmed what they presented, your word of mouth recommendations to your friends BECOMES part of the branding of the shop—because your referrals are still a type of communication.

On the flip side, if your experience with the shop was horrible, you warning your friends and family against visiting would also become part of the shop’s brand, albite in a negative way.



Almost worse for businesses than negative reviews is a confusing brand.

Let’s say the same coffee shop has a rustic logo, their images on social media depict poorly lit pictures of their kids playing in a playground, their website has flashy neon letters running across the screen, and Google gives them a ho-hum average of 3-star reviews. However, when you drive by their location, you notice that although it’s in an edgy new building, the signage is lovely and the area around the store is clean and tidy.

This could be a confusing brand for you as a potential customer. Is it rustic? Modern? Do they have a playground in the back? You may not be able to identify exactly why things feel a bit off, but brands that are confused about what message to send to their clients come across as confusing to their clients.




Many couples are looking at the principles used to create a good brand for a company and applying them to their wedding.

Having a consistent look, feel, tone of communication to your event helps to build guest excitement around your event.

As stationers, we love this because stationery is the first communication that guests see, and the items that we create are the easiest way to customize your event.

If your invitation has a lovely floral detail, a flowy monogram, and has a sweet, inviting voice to the wording—carry that through! Your monogram detail can be added to the cake, on the aisle runner, the dance floor, the place cards etc.

That sweet tone of voice can be added to signage. The colours and florals that you use in the invitation design can reflect what you and your florist have chosen for your day-of florals. The list goes on.

All of these seemingly small items combine to impact guest experience. And where most guests don’t notice the individual details if the branding is done well, they will surely notice if something does not match, or seems out of place.

So, work with your stationer! Introduce us to your planner! Bring us on board and utilize us to help you get the most out of your stationery! After all, the brand that you as a couple are highlighting is YOU!


The Star Players For J+C’s Wedding:
Photography: Tracey Jazmin Photography  (no longer doing weddings)
Planning: Sandra Bettina Weddings and Events
Venue: Fairmount Hotel MacDonald
Florals: Fabloomosity
Decor: Exquisite Affairs
Dance Floor: Talent Productions

The Star Players for A+K’s Wedding:

Photography: Bubblerock
Planning & Design: Sandra Bettina Weddings and Events
⁣Venue: The Prairie Creek Inn
Florals: Fabloomosity
Tables: Barnwood Rustic Rentals
Decor: Special Event Rentals