One of the biggest, unexpected costs of a wedding is postage for invitation packages.

As the couple who is providing the invitation to guests, you are required to pay for the postage of the invitation, as well as the postage for the response card, if you choose to have those cards mailed back. These costs add up and can mean some big $$$ that you were not expecting.




So, what should you be budgeting to pay for postage? Well, we are glad you asked!

After a few years of pretty steady stamp rates, Canada Post did increase their stamp costs in 2019. So, the cost for 2020/2021 brides will be higher than those from last year. Let’s take a closer look.


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Standard mail delivery is classified as an envelope under 50g and prices are broken down by:

1. weight categories:

• 0-30g
• 31-50g

this includes everything that is being shipped INCLUDING any stamps that you will need to get it to where it is going. Stamps alone can be 1g each, so if you are including 2 stamps, and your package is already 29g without them, you may be forced into the higher purchase bracket (Unless you get a super awesome person at the counter!)


2. distance categories:

• Canada
• US
• International


So what are the rates?

Shipping within Canada:
$1.07 / stamp
$0.92 / stamp in a booklet

Over 30g—50g


Shipping to the U.S.:


Over 30g—50g

Shipping Internationally:


Over 30g—50g


You can find this information on the Canada Post website


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As you can see, you can get the 30g stamps at a lower cost in bulk, so this is perfect for the couples who will be receiving RSVP cards back from their guest by mail. We have, to this point, seen an RSVP card that weighed more than 30g!

There are also option to create your own stamps for your special occasion! We have had quite a few couples who thought that this was the perfect final touch for their invitation package. You can find that information on their website.

We cannot stress how important the weight of your package is to the cost of the postage. If you are looking for pockets folders, extra insert cards or acrylic, we can say with a lot of certainty you that you will be pushing the envelope at of the 30g limit. So, if you are hoping to stay within a certain bracket, it’s important to let your stationer know about this restriction BEFORE you order.

While we cannot guarantee that the package weight of the end product when you order, we can still steer you in the right direction and help eliminate objects that will add too much to the total weight.

Have questions? Let us know!