We are so, soo, soooooo happy to see the requests for day-of stationery coming in! This means that weddings are officially on the table this summer! *queue the 💃🏼*.⁣

But, because weddings are opening up, couples (and planners) need to understand that there will be a rush of last-minute service requests for service/product vendors such as ourselves, florists, and bakers, to name a few. We are all going from snail’s pace to fighter jet speeds with 2 weeks’ notice. ⁣

Now that things are starting to open up, we’re super busy with requests. When requesting a quote here are a few tips so you know what to expect:⁣


Talk to us EARLY. AKA NOW! Let us know what you want and what quantities you need (as best as you can). Being indecisive can cost you valuable time in getting things produced, and can ultimately cost you more.

July/early August weddings, you are pretty much out of time for custom invitations. Custom invitations take 3-5 weeks to design and produce. Late August/September weddings, you are pushing the envelope for design, print and mailing of custom. So let’s start now.

Day-of Stationery is still a go. We can custom small quantities of items up to 1.5 weeks before the date. But don’t delay in starting your design. Delays=bad for you getting stuff on time.

Many of our suppliers for items such as wax seals, laser cutting, and large format printing are avalanched under huge orders. Many are doubling their production timelines, and some are tripling. We cannot stress enough the importance of starting early and getting everything approved right away, or you won’t be able to get your products in time.


Understand the basics of bulk pricing—the more you get, the less the per item cost will be. This is due to the production and material cost being divided by fewer items. Simply put, you wouldn’t go to Costco, grab a 48 can pack of Diet Coke off the shelf, and expect to pay the cost of the 1 can of Diet Coke you want with your lunch


Vendors have seen a significant rise in material costs over the past 1.5 years, including costs to ship materials into the store/studio. We are also usually small businesses that have suffered losses during the pandemic and have had very little in the line of government support. We have no choice but to bring those rises in costs into our prices.


We are getting many rush turnaround requests for weddings 1.5 weeks away, and some with even less time! While there are chances that it is possible to complete, it takes extra time, stress, and production costs on our end to ensure you get them in hand on time. This includes ordering custom materials. For turnaround times of less than 2.5 weeks, expect rush charges to be added to the order.⁣


We are doing our best to make sure we can accommodate as many weddings as possible this summer. Please be patient with us as we juggle many hats of this reopening. ⁣